EcoLife PB 100


Enjoy Hydrogen enriched water on the go. Stylish and durable, Tidy design is an appealing feature of this device. This simple device can be operated by any one with confidence. And When hydrogen generation is in progress. Blue light keeps on. The bottle is made of tritan (BPA free), a durable plastic that contains no bisphenol compounds at all.

  • PEM technology
  • 0.9ppm~1.0ppm
  • No built-in battery
  • Using power bank


EcoLife P100 H2 Tumbler

Stylish, durable and beautifully designed the EcoLife H2 Tumbler is an appealing H2 generating water bottle which can be operated with ease and confidence. When the H2 Tumbler is in hydrogen generation mode the pleasant blue light illuminates throughout the activation cycle.

The H2 Tumbler Generates

0.7ppm-1.0ppm of hydrogen in only 5 minutes.
When operated twice in succession this device increases the hydrogen concentration in water beyond
(The hydrogen concentration varies depending on the water quality and its temperature)


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